Mass Schedule Divine Mercy Counselling Centre
Saturdays 6.00pm (English) Thu & Fri 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Sundays 7.00am (English) closed on Public Holidays and Day of Obligation
  11.15am (English)  
2nd & 4th Sundays 5.30pm (English)  
1st Sundays 9.15am (B. Malaysia)    
3rd Sundays 9.45am (Mandarin)
5.30pm (Tamil)

This Week's Bulletin
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A Gentle Reminder  

As a mark of respect for the Holy Word of God, late comers will be instructed by HMs to remain at the entrances of the Church and will be ushered to their seats during the ‘Alleluia’.  Do be punctual to avoid being unnecessary distraction.

Let us be conscious that the parish is growing and be considerate to offer the space next to us to those who are here to celebrate the Mass.
We could instead, place our belongings on our laps or on the floor. 

It seems that announcements on dress code have fallen on deaf ears....
many have still not heeded, that posters have been put up in and around the premises. What a shame!
Do we need such reminders?
Dress Appropriately, People!

Please be reminded not to leave in the pews soiled tissues, water bottles, sweet wrappers, bulletins and such.
As much as we would like to sit in a clean pew, exercise consideration and have a thought for those coming to mass after us.

Plastic Bags for wet umbrellas are placed at the various points of entry to the Church. Please use them for this purpose only (they cost 16sen each).

It is unbecoming to have our children running, walking, talking, playing games on the handphone or portable game devices and eating while the Mass is in order. Please don’t be offended when the Ministers of Hospitality instruct your children if you do not do your part as parents.

Please be informed that the ‘Mother & Child’ room at the entrance on the right side of the church will be opened 15 minutes before the Mass begins.
Please ensure that all switches are turned off when the Mass ends.

Please also DO NOT leave worn out prayer books, holy pictures, broken rosaries, statues, catholic periodicals, etc.  within the church premises.
These items are to be burnt or buried. Please help us by doing so at your own homes.

Kindly avoid publicizing chain letters & SMS'es as they oppose Official Catholic Teachings for profaning holy images of Jesus, Mother Mary,
misusing them for immoral motives and breaking one of the Ten Commandments ‘Thou shall not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain”.

It sad to note that there are more reports of LOST items then FOUND items returned.
Please be HONEST and send all found items to the Parish Office, for the rightful owners to claim them.

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